About the Organization

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members,” said Mahatma Ghandi. There is no dispute that a person’s strengths or weaknesses are a result of their health. With healthcare becoming one of the leading issues on the minds of Americans today, Montana Healthcare Foundation (MHCF) envisions a measurably healthier State through improving access, education, research, and public policy. MHCF is committed to uphold this promise to the residents of Montana and govern by the guiding principle that everyone benefits from better health.

Headquartered in Bozeman, MHCF was established in late June of 2013, and came into existence as result of the sale of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Montana to a private corporation. In accordance with State law, the assets transferred were designated to a charitable trust for public benefit. It is estimated that MHCF corpus will be between $140 and $150 million and will average roughly $7 million annually in grants, making it one of the largest foundations in Montana and certainly the largest grantmaker focused on the healthcare needs of Montana residents.

MHCF is dedicated to improving the health status of Montanans and to increasing the quality and accessibility of healthcare services for people across the state. Through its grantmaking programs and activities, the Foundation will work with and through a variety of public and private partners to address the health needs of a diverse, mostly rural population of just over a million people. Foundation Trustees are currently meeting with a variety of stakeholders in order to identify areas in which it is judged the Foundation can have the greatest impact through its initial programming. In addition to specific areas of health and healthcare, the Foundation will be seeking opportunities to address system-level issues related to how public health and healthcare services can be delivered in a more effective, efficient, and more synergistic manner.

The Foundation will work closely with the Department of Public Health and Human Service’s Health Improvement Plan, which seeks to improve the health of Montanans to the highest possible level. The Foundation will have the opportunity to collaborate with public health system partners to elevate awareness about health issues and help create long-term, systematic change.

Montana Healthcare Foundation
P.O. Box 790
Bozeman, MT  59771