Integrated Behavioral Health Webinars

These training webinars are for organizations interested in incorporating behavioral health into primary care services.

Integrated Behavioral Health Basics Webinars

Integrated Behavioral Health: The What and How (slides)

Integrated Behavioral Health: Functional Assessment & Brief Intervention (slides)

2019 National Council For Behavioral Health Webinars

Patient-Centered Documentation: Collaborative Documentation (slides)

2018 National Council for Behavioral Health Webinars

Reducing Recidivism Among Justice-Involved Youth (slides)

Suicide Safer Care for Montana (slides)

Trauma-Informed Care for Youth in Montana (slides)

SBIRT: AUDIT-C and Care Pathways (slides)

Collaborative Care (Part 1): An Evidence-Based Model for Primary Care (slides)

Collaborative Care (Part 2): A Deeper Dive into an Evidence-Based Model for Primary Care (slides)

Behavioral Health Billing and Coding Guide for Montana FQHCs and Primary Care Providers (slides)

2017 National Council for Behavioral Health Webinars

Alternatives to Pain Management (slides)

Sustainable Behavioral Health Services (slides)

Behavioral Health Sustainability: A Deep Dive (slides)

Sustainability Planning for Integrated Behavioral Health (slides)

Evidence-Based Practices: Overview of Problem Solving Treatment (slides)

Motivational Interviewing Part 1 (slides)

Motivational Interviewing Part 2 (slides)

Behavioral Activation (slides)

2016 National Council for Behavioral Health Webinars

An Introduction to Behavioral and Primary Care Integration (slides)

Communication in All Directions (slides)

Role of Psychiatry and Primary Care Providers in Integrated Healthcare (slides)

Protecting Patient Privacy While Working in an Integrated Care Environment (slides)

Using Data to Inform Care Provision (slides)

Developing Effective Workflows (slides)