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Reports and Financials

2022 Annual Report

The Montana Healthcare Foundation’s 2022 Annual Report highlights our work over the past year. In partnership with nonprofits, health care providers, public health agencies, and Native nations, we seek to address our state’s most significant health challenges. Our staff live in and travel to communities across Montana, building relationships and learning about their needs and goals so we can work together to identify solutions.

2021 Annual Report

This report provides an overview of our work over the past year. The important work summarized in this report is a testament to our talented staff and the dedicated, tireless work of our committed partners all over Montana.

2020 Year In Review

In our first annual report, we look at our response to COVID-19 as well as the progress we made in each of our programmatic areas. Learn more about our accomplishments in our review of 2020.

Our First 5-Years Report

Together with talented partners around the state, we’re transforming health and health care and measurably improving the health of Montanans. Learn more about our programmatic work over our first five years.