Achieving widespread implementation of Integrated Behavioral Health in Montana.

The goal of this initiative is to achieve widespread implementation of integrated behavioral health (IBH) in Montana. Because IBH has been shown to improve health outcomes and related costs, this initiative also aims to improve common health conditions including depression, chronic medical illnesses (e.g. diabetes, hypertension), and emergency room utilization.

IBH improves behavioral and medical outcomes and reduces healthcare spending, yet it has not been broadly implemented in many states including Montana. In turn, this contributes to escalating healthcare costs and leaves patients, families, providers, and payers to navigate a fragmented system with little coordination and no systematic approach to tracking quality, outcomes, and value.

This initiative will achieve widespread implementation of IBH. The initiative targets primary care settings, with a secondary focus on inpatient care.

IBH grantees will join a cohort of innovative healthcare providers around the state, and benefit from in-depth technical assistance provided by the National Council for Behavioral Health. In addition to meeting MHCF’s general selection criteria, IBH grantees must demonstrate:

  • Commitment to IBH by the applicant’s clinical and administrative leadership.
  • A clinical service plan with a robust continuum of care that includes mental health, substance use disorders (SUD), and a plan to obtain specialty consultation when needed; a plan for data-driven clinical management; and a strong plan to provide care coordination as part of the clinical model.
  • For IBH implementation grantees, a viable business plan and pro-forma for sustaining the IBH program beyond the grant.

If you are interested in applying for an IBH planning or implementation grant, please contact MHCF Senior Program Officer Scott Malloy at Grant decisions will be based on MHCF’s general selection criteria and the specific requirements for this initiative.

To learn more about IBH and this initiative, we encourage applicants to explore the IBH webinars and resource materials produced by MHCF and the National Council for Behavioral Health.

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