Providing policy solutions and ensure that information is available to reach informed decisions regarding proposed Medicaid and health policy changes. 

The goal of this focus area is to provide practical policy solutions to key health systems challenges; to ensure that Montanans have adequate information to understand and reach informed decisions regarding proposed Medicaid and health policy changes at the federal and state levels; and to allow Montana’s health system to adapt to new policies promptly and effectively.

State and federal health policies have a profound impact on the lives, health, and health care of Montanans. In early 2019, the law that authorized Montana’s Medicaid expansion will come up for reauthorization by the state legislature. Federal health policy continues to be uncertain, with new policy proposals arising nearly every month. In this environment of rapid change and uncertainty, the public and policymakers need timely, fact-based policy analysis from a credible source. Moreover, state organizations working to strengthen the health system need resources effectively engage and support policy decisions that will have a positive effect on the Foundation’s goal of improving the health and health care for all Montanans.

Medicaid and Health Policy Resources

Our Work in Medicaid and Health Policy