Strengthening Montana’s public health system through supporting local and tribal health departments to deliver essential services for the communities they serve. 

County and tribal public health departments work diligently and often behind the scenes to protect
and improve health by implementing immunization programs, ensuring safe food and water, tracking down the source of disease outbreaks, and leading community efforts to identify and solve their most challenging health problems. Despite the critical roles they play, many of Montana’s health departments must operate on a shoe-string budget and have little time or funding to build stronger programs.

Our first-ever grant, issued in 2014, provided $1.3 million to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services to strengthen local and tribal public health agencies by supporting governance training, community health assessments, strategic planning, and program development. The grant enabled the state to provide funding and extensive technical support to local health departments around Montana; contributed to new partnerships between health departments, hospitals, and other community organizations; and allowed communities to take concrete steps to strengthen their services.

Our Work in Public Health