Qua Qui Connection: The Circle of Good Medicine and Holistic Health

Project Term: 2017-2019; Closed
Grant Amount: $150,000

The goal of this grant is to help the All Nations Health Center provide integrated, comprehensive, culturally appropriate care for one of the largest urban Indian populations in the state. This underserved population has suffered disproportionately from diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and obesity—conditions that are both preventable and treatable with appropriate primary care services. Over the course of the project period, the All Nations Health Center achieved many significant milestones, including hiring a full-time family nurse practitioner to provide primary medical care; creating organization-wide policies and procedures that guide and support integrated medical and behavioral health care; training all clinical, support, and administrative staff on integrated health care models; obtaining a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) certification for the nurse practitioner, allowing them to treat those struggling with opioid use issues; helping the community better understand the structure and importance of integrated health care; and transitioning to an electronic health records (EHR) system that supports full integration of care. With the addition of primary care services, the All Nations Health Center was able to be recognized by Medicaid and Medicare as an urban FQHC, giving it access to the all-inclusive PPS rate, which will help ensure its sustainability into the future.

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