Implementation of an Innovative Alternative Payment Model for Direct Primary Care

Project Term: 12 months; 2019-2020
Grant Amount: $32,750

Alluvion Health will increase access to primary care, behavioral health, and dental care with a focus on preventive services, by collaborating with organizations who do not have the ability to offer health insurance benefits to their employees. This project will improve access to high quality health care with a simple, flat, affordable fee. Patients will have access to Alluvion Health providers with the ability to be referred to sliding fee specialty care. Funding will be used to support the program manager for project development and operation and legal fees to review and advise on employee contracts. Through this project, Alluvion Health will work to develop and foster strong partnerships with the local business community and will work with other organizations across the state who have implemented similar programs and can help provide technical assistance. The project’s goal is to design a program that creates access for patients currently in this unique health care gap, supports employers’ interests in caring for their employees’ health, and ensures a long-term viable solution for improving the overall health of the community.

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