Southwestern Montana Rural Accountable Care

Project Term: 24 months; Ended 2017
Grant Amount: $50,000

This goal of this project was to support Barrett Hospital’s participation in Montana’s first Rural Accountable Care Organization (RACO). The RACO consists of 12 critical access hospitals in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming that collectively serve more than 9,000 Medicare patients. Barret Hospital’s project developed an evaluation and measurement process for key health outcomes and implemented case management and patient discharge care plans. Highlights include: more than 63 percent of Medicare patients received annual wellness visits (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s goal is 50 percent); a multidisciplinary team was developed to do a monthly review of all patients (reducing the cost of sub-acute care by 15 percent over 6 months); several reports were designed and implemented, giving providers the ability to focus on and follow up with chronic disease patients. The hospital plans to continue working with the RACO workgroup and a consultant and will sustain this project through internal funds. 


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