Sacred Families of Big Horn County

Project Term: 24 months; 2020-2022
Grant Amount: $150,000

The Sacred Families team at Bighorn Valley Health Center will partner with health care providers in the region to reach substance use-exposed, expecting families, providing screening, interventions, services, and referral networks under the Meadowlark Initiative. A coalition of county and tribal health and social service providers will design a community-wide, structured approach, funneling families identified through regular screening to a care coordinator. The care coordinator will travel across the county to connect expecting families with a community-based peer support specialist and a behavioral health care provider, creating a bridge to a new, expanded community of care. Funds will primarily be used for care coordination and peer support salaries and travel and outreach/education. Partners include Indian Health Service Crow Service Unit, Crow Wellness, Crow Recovery, Bighorn County Sheriffs Victims Services, Crow Human Services Legislative Chair, Bighorn Hospital Emergency Department, Safe Care, YWCA of Hardin, Tribal Social Services, Billings Urban Indian Health Center, Crow ICWA Advocate, and Bighorn County Public Health. Together IHS and BVHC will pursue partnerships with Billings Clinic, St. Vincent’s Healthcare, and Riverstone Health Center to create a structured process for providing continuity of care for families as they move between local prenatal care and delivery in Billings. Project goals are to provide comprehensive, compassionate care to families, improve maternal and family outcomes; reduce newborn drug exposure, neonatal abstinence syndrome, and perinatal complications; and keep families together and out of the foster care system.


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