School-Based Health Center at St. Labre Indian School

Project Term: 24 months; Ended 2017
Grant Amount: $100,000

For this project, Bighorn Valley Health Center (BVHC) partnered with St. Labre Indian School to start a school-based health center for students, their families, and school staff members. Using a modular building provided by the school, BVHC configured the space to support the provision of medical, dental, and behavioral health services. In 2017, the clinic had over 1,300 visits and more than 70 percent of patients were screened for depression. Patients with positive depression screening results were referred to the care of a behavioral health provider who ensured that they received appropriate support – either directly or through a referral with a partner organization. In addition, this project developed a learning collaborative (consisting of BVHC behavioral health staff and select counselors and coordinators from St. Labre) to better support the school’s staff in their work to foster a trauma-informed approach to school discipline and culture. In the second year of the grant, the collaborative expanded to include staff from the Pretty Eagle School Campus in St. Xavier. While MHCF funding was utilized for the design and implementation of this project, a financial analysis indicates that the project will be entirely self-sustaining at the conclusion of the grant.

For more information about this grant and the partnership between BVHC and St. Labre, read our case study.

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