Integrated Behavioral Health Expansion

Project Term: 2017-2019; Closed
Grant Amount: $150,000

This project allowed the Billings Clinic to improve and expand an existing integrated behavioral health (IBH) pilot program in one of its locations to all three of its primary care locations, ensuring that all patients have access to timely screening, diagnosis, and treatment for mental health conditions. The Billings Clinic now has seven full-time therapists and case managers and two consulting psychiatrists, which has allowed for approximately 94% of all patients to receive behavioral health screening and has led to significant improvement in outcomes for those receiving treatment for depression. While screening for substance use has been challenging, primary care providers and residents in internal and family medicine are receiving training in early identification and intervention for patients struggling with alcohol and drug use. Additionally, an on-site MAT (medication assisted treatment) Waiver training is scheduled for 2021. The Billings Clinic encountered difficulties setting up its IBH registry due to software and electronic health record challenges but is currently beta testing this feature. Now that IBH has become standard operating procedure in all Billings primary care clinics, the Billings Clinic is working to expand IBH to all regional affiliates.

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