Regional Integrated Behavioral Health Expansion Program

Project Term: 24 months; 2018-2020
Grant Amount: $262,739

For this project, Billings Clinic will serve as a hub to support implementing integrated behavioral health in 10 affiliate hospitals. The grant will allow Billings Clinic to hire a project coordinator to oversee all implementation activities including universal screenings for depression and substance use disorders, expansion of the patient registry, care coordination, psychiatric consultation, and strengthening affiliate network training and support in rural sites. Additionally, Billings Clinic will utilize the tele-medicine network to link behavioral health clinicians to the affiliate sites. Expected outcomes include universal screening for behavioral health conditions in primary care, improvement in depression and substance use outcomes, decreased emergency room visits, improved support for treating behavioral health conditions for primary care teams, and enhanced coordination and collaboration between Billings Clinic affiliate facilities. Billings Clinic will also work with the regional mental health centers and Rimrock to develop business agreements to support specialty consultation for affiliate sites.  

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