Montana Integrated SBIRT Training for Healthcare Professionals

Project Term: 12 months; 2019-2020

Grant Amount: $15,000

This project will create a screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) training curriculum for residents at Billings Clinic to enable them to identify and provide effective initial treatment for people with undiagnosed substance use disorders. Billings Clinic plans to educate residents participating in the internal medicine, family medicine, psychiatry, nursing, and pharmacy programs (about 130 students each week) and train providers who are currently treating patients. Billings Clinic will use the Montana Primary Care Association as the SBIRT trainer. Billings Clinic will also use their telemedicine system to connect rural providers with urban providers trained in SBIRT to increase providers’ knowledge across their network. Funding will support staff time to develop the curriculum and contract with the Montana Primary Care Association for additional training needs. The project’s goal is to increase the identification and treatment of substance use disorders by training residents and supervising clinicians.

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