Trauma Informed Planning Grant

Project Term: 18 months; 2017-2018
Grant Amount: $75,000

This two-part project will begin to create a trauma-informed campus on the Blackfeet Community College and disseminate a culturally-based, trauma-informed toolkit to other agencies on the reservation, and develop a feasibility and business plan for an integrated behavioral health student health center on campus. To create a trauma-informed campus, this project will train trainers in a culturally-based historical trauma curriculum, provide professional development in integrated care models, strengthen campus and community referral resources, create an action team, and provide support to students. The National Council for Behavioral Health will assist in creating a detailed strategic plan for implementing integrated behavioral health into the student health center. The goals for the student health center are for it to not only provide students with primary and behavioral healthcare screenings but also with space for behavioral health and nursing students to practice trauma-informed integrated health.

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