T-HIP Tier 1 Daphne Software Support

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2019
Grant Amount: $12,000

This project helped support the Blackfeet Tribe’s start-up costs for implementing the Tribal Health Improvement Program (T-HIP). The grant helped the tribe to purchase software system (Daphne) designed to track T-HIP care management reporting measures. The grant also helped set up and staff the T-HIP office, develop their services, and sign a task order to begin Tier 1 services. Daphne is computer software for recording and reporting care management information for T-HIP and other care management initiatives. Now that the primary elements of the system are in place, the tribe will begin providing care management services to highrisk Medicaid recipients on the Blackfeet Reservation to improve health outcomes and reduce their reliance on high-cost emergency and hospital servicesThe program is sustainable through Medicaid T-HIP payments. 

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