Centralized Third-Party Billing System

Project Term: 24 months; 2016-2018
Grant Amount: $100,000

This project will strengthen the Blackfeet tribal health system by creating a centralized third-party billing office. A centralized billing office will allow the tribe to maximize revenue from health services they currently provide and improve financial management of revenue from third-party billing. Funding will be used to create two staff positions: a benefits coordinator and a patient accounts coordinator. The new staff will identify risks and existing problems, and provide solutions for the billing and collection process, enroll uninsured tribal members in Medicaid or Affordable Care Act exchange insurance plans, and provide in-house training to tribal health program directors and staff. Once implemented, the centralized billing office with help the tribe improve and expand health services to better serve the needs of their community, and create a more fiscally stable and sustainable structure for existing health programs.

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