Joint-Service Behavioral Health Model Pilot for the Lockwood Clubhouse

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2019
Grant Amount: $50,000

The Boys and Girls Club of Yellowstone County, Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, Tumbleweed, and Lockwood Schools partnered to provide behavioral health services to youth attending Boys and Girls Club activities at Lockwood Schools. While a new, valuable partnership was formed among these entities, the goal of providing sustainable behavioral health services to Lockwood youth was not achieved. Though Lockwood school is a school-wide Title 1 school, the number of youths who attended the Boys and Girls Club who were on Medicaid or eligible for Medicaid was significantly lower than anticipated at the start of this project. Additionally, of the youth who had third-party health insurance, the majority had plans that would not cover the type of behavioral health therapy being offered through this project. This resulted in an inability to bill for services which made this model unsustainable. While this project did not yield the desired results, the three organizations remain in contact and are continuing to explore other ways to provide behavioral health services to the youth participating in Boys and Girls Club after-school activities. Staff will continue to engage the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Club as conversations with the Lockwood School District, St. Vincent hospital, and the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch around school-based health services take place.

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