Joint-Service Behavioral Health Model Pilot for the Lockwood Clubhouse

Project Term: 12 months; 2018-2019
Grant Amount: $50,000

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County will partner with Billings-based organizations, Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch and Tumbleweed, to provide behavioral health services to the youth who participate in the Boys and Girls Club activities in Lockwood. While this is planning a grant, services for the youth will begin to be provided and sustainability will be determined through planning and evaluation of billing for services provided. The intent of the project is to provide long-term behavioral health services to youth living in Lockwood, a community with few behavioral health services. Grant funds will be used to cover start-up salary costs for program staff while billing for services is being established. Key partnerships include the Boys and Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County, the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, and Tumbleweed.

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