Behavioral Health Symposium, Work Groups, and Summit

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2018
Grant Amount: $25,000

For this project, Bozeman Health partnered with leaders from the Gallatin City-County Health Department, the mental health Local Advisory Committee, Gallatin Mental Health Center, United Way of Gallatin County, and MSU’s Student Health Services to host a behavioral health planning symposium in the fall of 2017, working groups through the winter, and a behavioral health summit in the spring of 2018. The project’s goal was to bring together community partners to re-imagine a behavioral health vision and develop a behavioral health strategy for Bozeman Health. Elevating Behavioral Health (EBH) successfully brought a broad cross-section of community leaders together to understand challenges, identify early and long-term solutions and to form new and strengthened partnerships focused on a common behavioral health vision. The EBH steering committee continues to meet, to advance early solutions, and to rally collaborative efforts toward a now agreed upon set of key community outcomes in improving behavioral health. The effort also enabled Bozeman Health to identify how and where it can best support behavioral health throughout its service region. This new clarity informed a Bozeman Health board endorsed Behavioral Health Care System plan and a budget that passed in November 2018.

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