Health Wealth Service Partnership Pilot Program

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2019
Grant Amount: $50,000

This pilot program assessed, tracked, and analyzed the link between mental, physical, and financial health by working to establish a financial planning service for Cascade County Community Health Center clients with large receivables balances. The project made progress with the branding and establishing a workplan for their approach and began to engage patients with financial coaching. There was a delay in the project when the financial consulting partner, Rural Dynamics, was sold to a national firm. However, they did find a new partner: MOFI, a regional community development corporation that has a financial literacy component. As part of the project, four case managers were trained and began working with patients, they are also working with a bank system to establish short-term credit instrument for patients who are participating in the program. The goal of this project was to develop a health care model that included financial health and could definitively prove the impact of financial instability on physical and mental health. While this ambitious goal was not fully realized during the grant, the health center is committed to continuing the project and to tracking its outcomes.

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