Planning Grant for Integration of Primary Care Services into Mental Health Facilities in Lewis and Clark County

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2016
Grant Amount: $10,150

This is a planning grant to collaboratively approach the issue of integrating physical and mental health services (integrated behavioral health) in Lewis and Clark County’s crisis center and community health center. The applicant and partners will hire the National Council for Behavioral Healthcare to assist the partners with planning, data collection, identification of the steps, screening tools, referral process, billing for procedures, and procedures for sharing information data.

Final Summary:
This planning grant supported early work to integrate physical and behavioral health services in Lewis and Clark County’s mental health center, crisis center, and community health center. The applicant and partners participated in technical assistance, webinars, and learning communities led by the National Council for Behavioral Health. The project strengthened partnerships and provided more clarity and direction for how each partner could work toward more effectively integrated services in the future. The project did not fully realize its aim of integrating services. One tangible improvement is a shared referral software system that program partners are beginning to utilize.

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