Sanders County Behavioral and Medical Health Delivery Integration

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2019
Grant Amount: $50,000

This enhancement grant worked to develop a sustainable integrated behavioral health model at Clark Fork Valley Hospital (CFVH). CFVH had been providing co-located behavioral health services for several years, however, prior to this project, they did not have a clinically or financially viable model. Over the course of the grant, CFVH developed universal screening for patients and made a commitment to start substance use disorder and anxiety screening in the summer of 2019, with two providers obtaining their waivers for medication assisted treatment. Through this project, CFHV revamped their workflows, care pathways, and billing and coding for integrated care. CFHV successfully doubled the number of behavioral health visits as part of the redesign and were able to develop a financially sustainable model. CFVH has also taken the first steps to formalize care coordination as part of its integrated behavioral health model. CFHV will pursue additional steps to solidify care coordination, population health, and substance use disorder services in the coming year.

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