Kalispell Collaborative Housing Initiative

Project Term: 12 months; 2019-2020
Grant Amount: $40,000

This planning project will assess the Kalispell community’s costs for individuals who are identified as high risk or high need to eventually reduce costs and increase access to services by streamlining community intervention efforts. The project will use a “frequent user system engagement” (FUSE) framework that identifies individuals who are homeless and have complex medical needs and aligns housing, health care, and social service resources to provide permanent supportive housing. The project will incorporate local coalition work and partnerships to create a solid foundation of collaboration and infrastructure. Funding will be used to support local coordination and project management and a technical assistance contract with the Corporation with Supportive Housing. Partnerships include Kalispell Regional Medical Center, social service providers, and county and city officials. The overarching goal of this project is to streamline supportive services and use the collected data as a tool to support the creation of supportive housing for those in need. 

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