Park County Connect Program: A Community-Based Model to Reduce ER High-Utilization

Project Term: 24 months; Ended 2018
Grant Amount: $93,000

High utilizers of the emergency department drive up costs unnecessarily and are not entering the healthcare system at an access point that is prepared to address their underlying needs. To improve care and health outcomes while lowering unnecessary costs to the health care system, Community Health Partners, the Park County Health Department, Livingston Mental Health Center, and Livingston HealthCare partnered to create the Park County Connect Program. Grant funding supported a social worker, housed in the health department, who designed and implemented a community-based outreach program for people while frequent the emergency department on a regular basis. This pilot project successfully established relationships between the partnering agencies and facilitated the connection of emergency department high utilizers with primary care providers. The program continues to expand care coordination to other community agencies and hopes to eventually build a more comprehensive care coordination and data sharing platform into the community.

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