Improving Screening and Treatment for Perinatal Drug Use in Missoula

Grant Term: 24 months; 2018-2020
Grant Amount: $150,000

For this project, Community Medical Center (CMC) will work to improve the quality of care for pregnant women and infants affected by substance use disorders in Missoula County. In collaboration with Partnership Health Center, Saint Patrick’s Hospital, and community groups serving pregnant women, this project’s goal is to reduce the stigma that prevents many women with substance use disorders from seeking help. As a part of the project, obstetric offices will standardize screening and care for women with substance use disorders and partner with community organizations to provide referrals to addiction support services. As a part of the project, CMC’s mother-baby unit will institute a program to engage parents as partners in the treatment of neonatal abstinence syndrome after birth. This approach will train parents to use evidence-based, non-pharmacologic methods to soothe withdrawal symptoms in babies. The goal of this approach is to improve mother-infant bonding, strengthen families, decrease pharmacologic treatment and long hospital stays, and decrease foster care placements in Missoula County. Grant funds will be used for personnel expenses, staff training, and communications and marketing materials.

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