Peer Support: Addressing Behavioral Health Crisis and Jail Diversion in Eastern Montana

Project Term: 24 months; Ended 2019
Grant Amount: $74,916

The Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center worked to develop peer support services – with a focus on crisis prevention – in three eastern Montana communities: Plentywood, Glasgow, and Glendive. The Plentywood and Glasgow projects experienced some staff turnover, which kept them from being fully implemented by the end of the grant. However, the Glendive project was able to hire their peer support staff and successfully implement the program. This project served 67 people and provided over 500 peer support services. The peer supporters were able to divert 99% of the people they worked with from higher levels of behavioral health care. The communities where this work took place now have strong peer support teams and a commitment to using this model in the future with plans to expand to other eastern Montana communities.

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