Planning Grant to Develop an Online Certificate Program & CME Opportunities in “Climate and Health”

Grant Amount: $24,984
Dates: 2020-2021

The University of Montana Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana will develop a “Climate and Health” course for undergraduate students in the Climate Change Studies Program. The project will also offer an online certificate program for students in health profession training programs and develop online training certificates or continuing education opportunities for health care providers already practicing around the state. The project will be implemented in collaboration with existing climate study resources at the University of Montana. Grant funds will be used for project staff salaries, consultants, travel, and supplies. Partnerships include other colleges within the University of Montana, Montana Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate, Western Montana AHEC, the Center for American Indian and Rural Health Equity, and the MSU Extension Program. Prospective partners that will be engaged as part of the planning process are also identified. The project’s overarching goal is to create a “Climate and Health” program that is affordable, high-quality, accessible, inclusive, relevant, and useful to the health of Montanans.

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