Substance Abuse Treatment for Pregnant and Parenting Women

Project Term: 18 months; 2017-2018
Grant Amount: $75,000

This project will plan for and begin implementation of outpatient substance abuse services for Florence Crittenton’s clientele, and will explore residential treatment options for pregnant and parenting women and their children. Florence Crittenton provides comprehensive services to pregnant and parenting teens, and although many of their clients have substance use disorders, currently they are only able to address this problem through referrals and contracts with outside providers. This project will look at ways to build capacity, conduct research, and develop a comprehensive treatment model to best serve this population while developing collaborative partnerships and improving outcome tracking. A main goal is developing cohesive partnerships with healthcare and other service providers. Expanding services will allow Florence Crittenton to blend trauma and mental health treatment with substance abuse treatment which will improve outcomes for families, as well as improve efficiencies in program service delivery.

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