Substance Abuse Inpatient Treatment Center Development Project

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2017
Grant Amount: $50,000

For this project, the Fort Peck Tribes developed business and strategic plans along with a detailed cost analysis to guide the establishment of a new inpatient chemical dependency treatment center to compliment Spotted Bull Recovery Center’s current outpatient facility on the Fort Peck Reservation. When built, the center will be able to provide inpatient treatment services to Native American patients from the Fort Peck region as well as non-Native patients and will eventually expand to include other tribes throughout the state. This planning project was successfully completed through a partnership that included the tribal action plan committee, the tribal executive board, the tribal health department, tribal courts, and the law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction on the reservation. The completed plans provided the Fort Peck Executive Committee with enough information to approve the next phase of the project.

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