Transforming South Billings Youth and Families by Addressing Community Counseling Needs

Project Term: 12 months; 2018-2019
Grant Amount: $40,000

Through this grant, Friendship House will hire a counselor-in-training to provide behavioral health services to children and their families in south Billings. Through a previous Social Service Non-Profit Capacity Building Initiative grant from MHCF, Friendship House was able to bring on a licensed counselor and decrease the wait times for youth to see counselors from approximately 6-12 months to the day of need. Despite these positive changes, Friendship House has not yet met the full demand for counseling services. Through this project, a counselor-in-training will be hired to provide additional counseling services, and after completing the training requirements, this newly hired person will be able to bill for services which will result in a sustainable position at Friendship House.

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