Prevention and Support for Pregnant Blackfeet Women Using Opioids

Project Term: 12 months; Apr 2017 – Mar 2018
Grant Amount: $75,000

This project will support RMTLC and their Boston University-based partners to work with the Blackfeet tribe and the Indian Health Service Blackfeet Community Hospital to address opioid prevention among pregnant women on the Blackfeet reservation. Funds will be used to conduct focus group/key informant interviews with clinicians and substance-using pregnant women; produce a gap analysis to determine treatment shortfalls; and work with the tribe to create a feasibility analysis and protocol for medication-assisted treatment to include integrated behavioral health, assessing the accuracy of prenatal screening, analyzing reimbursable billing, and helping to establish a referral system for care. The grant will also be used to foster relationships between the Lummi and Blackfeet tribes, as well as organizations working on similar issues in the Flathead region.

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