Integrated Mobile Health

Project Term: 24 months; Ended 2017
Grant Amount: $50,000

For this project, Glacier County Emergency Medical Services (GCEMS) implemented the state’s first Integrated Mobile Health Program (IMH). IMH is a new and evolving health care delivery model that builds on the concepts of community paramedicine and adapts them to serve the specific needs of the local community. The project’s primary goal was to improve the health of the community and reduce the number or emergency room admissions and hospital readmission. GCEMS successfully developed and implemented the IMH program to work alongside local health care providers and develop individualized, in-home treatment plans for patients who visit the emergency department regularly or who are at-risk for being readmitted into the hospital. Throughout the course of the grant, the program completed 1,148 patient visits which consisted of chronic illness management, respite services, end-of-life care, wound care, and other treatments and services prescribed by health care providers based on individual patient needs. As a result of this program, the grantee reported a nearly 90 percent decrease in hospital visits among the enrolled patients (from 387 to 40 visits). At the close of the grant in 2017, the project was working towards sustainability, however, the program was ended by the county in 2018 due to ongoing GCEMS budget concerns.

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