Partnerships for Permanently Supportive Housing Phase II

Project Term: 24 months; 2020-2022
Grant Amount: $100,000

With this grant, the Human Resources Development Council of District IX (HRDC) and its partners will join the Housing Is Health Care Initiative. As part of the initiative, they will work to develop permanent supportive housing units for homeless people in Bozeman who have complex medical and behavioral health conditions. The project will create a coordinated system for service delivery and financing. It will develop a process for identifying and connecting with the people who have the highest medical need and are experiencing homelessness. This grant will support the creation of systems for service delivery and annual data matching using the Corporation for Supportive Housing’s FUSE (frequent users system engagement) model. Funding will be used for project coordination, technical assistance from the Corporation for Supportive Housing, and matching funds to pilot the permanent supportive housing models. Project partners include HRDC’s housing programs, the Gallatin County Detention Center, Bozeman Health, Community Health Partners, the City of Bozeman, and mental health providers. The project’s overall goal is to create permanent supportive housing in Bozeman that improves health outcomes for individuals, reduces the cost across community systems, and strengthens partnerships beyond supportive housing.

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