Partnership for Permanent Supportive Housing

Project Term: 12 months; 2018-2019
Grant Amount: $60,000

For this project, HRDC and Bozeman Health will partner with community service providers to build a cohort of organizations that will work together to address the need for permanent supportive housing for high-risk members of the community. With technical assistance from the Corporation for Supportive Housing, they will assess the community’s current housing and health care resources and create a plan to incorporate supportive housing systems to improve health care outcomes for chronically homeless populations. A key focus of this project will be on programs that help the people served successfully integrate into the larger community through association with others to foster strong connections to the rights, responsibilities, roles, resources, and relationships that a society offers to its members. This will help residents maintain housing stability and achieve a greater degree of self-sufficiency. This project’s goal is to help create the framework to bring stable, transformative housing to some of the community’s most vulnerable members.

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