Integrated Behavioral Healthcare for High Risk Pregnant Women

Project Term: 2017-2019; Closed
Grant Amount: $150,000

The goal of this project was to implement integrated behavioral health (IBH) into the obstetrics practice at Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC) in order to serve at-risk mothers in Flathead County, the Flathead and Blackfoot Reservations, and surrounding areas. After receiving training and consultation from the National Council for Behavioral Health, KRMC added a therapist and a care coordinator to the team. Universal screening and a care pathway for depression was formalized, and substance use screening has begun. Consistent team meetings occur between maternal care departments and community stakeholders. Data on screenings and improvement in care are now part of the electronic health record and are reviewed and monitored consistently. By fully integrating behavioral health screening, diagnosis, and treatment into obstetrics as part of the standard prenatal care practice rather than singling out women at high risk, KRMC was able to decrease the stigma associated with mental health issues and increase the availability of these critical services for all patients.


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