Creating a Community Justice and Mental Health System with Risk Reduction Services

Project Term: 24 months; 2017-2019
Grant Amount: $97,350

This project will create a director position for Lewis & Clark County’s Risk Reduction Program. The proposal is driven by community advocacy organizations including the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC), Citizen’s Advisory Council (CAC), and Mental Health Local Advisory Council. The project seeks funding for two basic infrastructure components needed to build more effective systems: a county risk reduction director, and a consultant to assist with county data integration. The risk reduction director will function as the executive director for the CJCC and CAC. The risk reduction director will be responsible for implementing a new county Risk Reduction Department with a mission to reduce community risks of reoffending, inequity in bail system, lawsuits and injuries, ineffective behavioral health services and transitions, and victims of crime. The director will also oversee the second critical component of the proposal, data integration. Data is required to effectively assess, diagnose and classify offenders, as they move between county and health systems. Accurate data can be used to drive decision making on needed changes, measuring outcomes, and evaluating and establishing accountability.

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