Designing A More Effective Behavioral Health Service Continuum in Lewis and Clark County

Project Term: 12 months; 2020-2021
Grant Amount: $78,598

The Helena community will develop a crisis diversion program by redesigning behavioral health crisis services in Lewis and Clark County. The project will begin with an analysis of the existing crisis system and the current use of behavioral health, emergency department, and corrections resources. Based on this analysis, the partners will develop a plan that aims to de-escalate crises and reduce reliance on high-cost emergency care and corrections system resources. Grant funds will employ a project coordinator to oversee the project. Lewis and Clark Public Health will serve as the lead organization for this project, working through a formal charter with St. Peter’s Health, the county sheriff, county commissioners, Shodair Children’s Hospital, and PureView Health Center. The goals of the project are to reduce emergency department admissions, criminal justice encounters, and recidivism.

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