Sweet Park Smiles

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2019
Grant Amount: $20,803

Sweet Park Smiles is a collaborative effort by Community Health Partners, Livingston HealthCare, and the Livingston Food Resource Center to coordinate and expand oral health resources in Park County. This project helped the county’s primary care providers adopt a framework for addressing oral health and actively support referrals to dentistry. The project trained medical teams in oral health screening, risk assessment, fluoride varnish application, and specialist referrals. Through training and process development coordinated by Community Health Partner’s dental officer, the project also enhanced the ability of Livingston HealthCare providers to screen and apply varnish to children through their routine child check-ups. Training in the application of varnish, charge codes for Medicaid, and referral processes for more serious dental issues will continue for an additional five pediatric teams.

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