Integrating Behavioral and Physical Health in Madison County

Project Term: 12 months; Ended 2017
Grant Amount: $28,398

The Madison County Local Advisory Council for Mental Health oversaw a community-wide process for behavioral health integration. The National Council for Behavioral Health provided technical assistance and training throughout the process. The advisory council utilized integration of behavioral health as a lens to convene key community leaders and both Madison Valley Medical Center and Ruby Valley Hospital. Throughout the course of the project, primary care providers became more aware of the mental health and addiction counselors who practice in Madison County and learned how to contact them. Crisis response procedures between the two hospitals and Western Montana Mental Health Center were clarified and telehealth for crisis response evaluations was launched at both hospitals and their clinics. Universal screening for depression, referral forms, and protocols were developed for hospitals, and materials were distributed to all local primary care providers and licensed counselors. A local crisis counseling pilot project was designed and implemented by utilizing existing clinicians in Madison County, and transfer agreements with Barrett Hospital in Dillon were clarified to enable Madison County’s two local hospitals to transfer patients to the Barrett Hospital emergency room’s crisis stabilization/detox room on an as-available basis. Finally, a searchable database of local resources related to physical health, behavioral health, and social services was developed and is now available on the Madison County website with a list of priority projects.

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