Traditional Relationships Improve Contemporary Health

Project Term: 24 months; 2015-2017
Grant Amount: $50,000

Messengers for Health, a Crow non-profit, will carry out two projects with this grant: broadening a cancer screening outreach program to include colon cancer screening for men, and implementing and evaluating a culturally-based chronic disease self-management program for illnesses such as diabetes. Messengers for Health has been working in the area of cancer screening since 1996, in partnership with Professor Suzanne Christopher at Montana State University, using a community-based participatory research framework. The program uses a volunteer-driven, culturally-based model to encourage women to seek screening for breast and cervical cancer. To contribute to the chronic disease self-management program, this grant will support the development of a training manual for volunteers, and pilot test the elements of the model with patients of Bighorn Valley Community Health Center.

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