Strengthening the Circle: Increased Capacity for Increased Health

Project Term: 12 months; 2020-2021
Grant Amount: $74,975

The Missoula Urban Indian Health Center (MUIHC) will design and build a model that integrates primary care, behavioral health, dental services, and medication-assisted treatment into their practice. The project centers on implementing a new electronic health record system; MUIHC will use this transition and the new system to facilitate service-level integration and patient care coordination. The grant will help MUIHC implement a fully integrated, holistic model of care that allows for improved coordination and collaboration within and between care teams. During the implementation process, grant funds will go to allocating staff time to design and execute the model, providing training to clinical and non-clinical support staff, and delivering high-quality technical assistance to support the successful implementation and efficacy of the program. Outcomes include transformation to an integrated model of care, a population health reporting system, and capacity building and analysis. The project will be sustainable through third party revenue generation. 

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