Supportive Housing Capacity Building in Montana

Project Term: 24 months; 2019-2021
Grant Amount: $61,566

The Montana Continuum of Care Coalition (CoC) will review organizational models and develop strategic and data sharing plans to strengthen their structure. The Montana CoC is a critical organization that provides homeless shelter utilization data, homelessness resources, and demand information systems. It serves as a conduit for housing and urban development (HUD) resources for the state of Montana. This planning project will produce a work plan and develop data-sharing plans to align the various existing government information systems that track relevant statistics on homelessness and health outcomes. In turn, this will allow the CoC to better more effectively plan and collaborate with stakeholders to align services for Montana’s homeless and insecurely housed. The CoC will contract with the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) who will assess staffing and structure and facilitate strategic planning. Funds will be used for project coordination and to hire CSH as a technical assistance contractor. Partners include members of the Supportive Housing Innovation Accelerator Program Workgroup, which consists of the Montana Department of Commerce, the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Service, and the CoC board of directors. The CoC’s goal for this project is to strengthen its capacity to apply for HUD grant funding successfully and build effective partnerships to meet the supportive housing needs across the state. 

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