Eastern Montana Integrated Behavioral Health Program

Grant Term: 24 months; 2018-2020
Project Amount: $280,000

This project will support the integration of behavioral health into primary care for the health care facilities in eastern Montana that are not affiliated with a larger health system. The project will pull together rural clinics, hospitals, and partner organizations that provide behavioral health and substance abuse treatment services. Through this grant, the Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital (Glasgow), McCone County Health Center (Circle), Prairie Community Hospital (Terry), Rosebud Health Center (Forsyth), Roosevelt Medical Center (Culbertson), and Sidney Health Center (Sidney) will implement integrated behavioral health (IBH) into their primary care practices. The Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center is a close partner and will help meet the behavioral health needs for this project. Other facilities that are not directly involved with the grant but who will benefit from the results and training include Dahl Memorial Healthcare (Ekalaka), Fallon Medical Complex (Baker), Garfield County Health Center (Jordan), North East Montana Health Services (Wolf Point, Poplar), and Phillips County Hospital (Malta). Expected outcomes include decreased emergency room visits for patients in crisis, early and more frequent screening and identification of behavioral health and substance abuse issues, and increased patient coordination between treating facilities resulting in better care sooner for the patient.

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