Improving Interoperability & Capabilities of Behavioral & Indian Health Electronic Health Systems

Project Term: 12 months; 2020-2021
Grant Amount: $100,000

In 2020, Montana will connect health providers, care coordinators, community service organizations, and other caregivers to a Statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE), which houses and shares (in a secure manner) patient data using a shared infrastructure. This grant will generate $900,000 in additional federal funding for the HIE. This project will also achieve two primary goals. First, it will support whole-person health by enabling the integration of a patient’s physical health information with behavioral health data. Second, it will develop the data interface and processes needed to incorporate Indian Health Service (IHS), tribal, and urban Indian health center (I/T/U) data from the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) platform, an electronic health record platform used by many I/T/U providers. For this project, the Montana Medical Association Foundation (MMAF) will partner with the Big Sky Care Connect (BSCC), the Montana organization that is building the HIE. They will work collaboratively with key partners to determine successful outreach strategies and HIE technologies that meet privacy and security needs. Outreach will be conducted by project partners (including Rimrock Foundation, Behavioral Health Alliance of Montana, and BSCC) with potential clinical IHS and behavioral health providers and their clinical partners. Outreach will focus on the value of HIE participation, opportunities, return on investment, clinical use cases, and available assistance to address privacy and interoperability challenges. This project will improve interoperability among all providers, including behavioral health and I/T/U providers, through the exchange of health information, and further empower patients, providers, and payers.

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