Montana 2020 Census Outreach

Project Term: 12 months; 2019-2020
Grant Amount: $50,000

This project will build awareness of the upcoming Census 2020 and encourage engagement in Montana’s 30 hardest to count communities. This project will be accomplished through outreach, coordination, and mobilization activities – all of which will be leveraged by the Montana Nonprofit Association’s relationships with nonprofit organizations across the state. Outreach will include producing and disseminating nonprofit and community-specific information and marketing for Hard to Count (HTC) communities and the use of social media. Coordination will include using a dedicated staff position to strengthen partnerships and liaise with other Census 2020 participants and local nonprofits, to amplify all Census 2020 efforts. Mobilization activities will include coordinating with Western Native Voice – which has funding to focus on Native communities in Montana – and other census outreach entities such as local nonprofits and community foundations. MNA will work with a coalition of other networked statewide leaders to advance the Census effort including Western Native Voice, the State of Montana, and Montana Human Resources Development Council Association among others. Grant funds will be used to hire an outreach coordinator and to support outreach to the target communities.

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