Montana Public Health 101: Improving the Health of Citizens by Training the Public Health Workforce

Project Term: 24 months; 2018-2020
Grant Amount: $75,000

This project will help orient and train new public health workers by creating an online learning platform in partnership with the Department of Public Health and Human Services, the Association of Montana Public Health Professionals, the Montana Environmental Health Association, Montana State University Area Health Education Center, the University of Montana, and the Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center. This new training resource will provide no-cost orientation for new public health workers to the state system and create an additional local board of health training option. This project aims to increase the knowledge and skills of local public health officials, decrease the amount of staff turnover, and mitigate the negative effects of staff turnover when it does occur. Grant funds will be used to develop the content of the online training module and produce the training in an online format. The primary public health entities in the state will be engaged throughout this project and will help disseminate the training and encourage its use once it has been developed.

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