Developing an Assessment of Climate Change and Human Health for Montana

Project Term: 24 months; 2019-2020
Grant Amount: $94,500

This project will establish a collaboration of health and climate science experts to produce Montana’s first assessment of the impacts of climate change on human health. “Assessing Climate Change and Human Health in Montana” (C2H2 for short) will be released in 2020 as an online web resource and a printed document with associated outreach and educational materials and activities. C2H2 will present health-relevant climate information describing recent trends and future projections; explain how climate change affects aspects of human health; and offer practical recommendations to guide local, state, and tribal efforts to anticipate and adapt to climate-related health threats in Montana. The report will receive both public comment and scientific peer review before its release, and professional evaluation after release. The goal is to provide the best-available science and health-related data at a level that is easy to access and understand by communities, medical professionals, and policy makers in Montana. C2H2 will serve as a Special Report to the 2017 Montana Climate Assessment.

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