Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Project Term: 18 months; Ended 2018
Grant Amount: $73,754

This planning project worked to develop a strategy for integrating substance use disorder treatment into Mountain Home Montana’s wrap-around care for pregnant and parenting mothers. Over the course of the project, Mountain Home Montana expanded and deepened partnerships with providers and strengthened their referral network and processes to better serve young families struggling with substance abuse. They successfully provided robust staff training around substance use disorder issues and levels of treatment, clarified referral processes, and hired an in-house therapist who is also a licensed addictions counselor. Mountain Home also obtained a Medicaid youth endorsement, which allows billing for case management and therapeutic services for clients under age 18 and they adopted an evidence-based evaluation tool to measure their program’s successes and challenges. As a direct result of policy shifts for substance use disorder treatment, staff training, and capacity, Mountain Home was able to reduce evictions from their residential program due to substance abuse from 20% to 6%. Beyond these direct results, Mountain Home also leveraged this planning grant into a five-year award from the federal Family and Youth Services Bureau to support residential programs.

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