Promotion and Delivery of Thrive-Montana, an Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behavior Therapy Program

Project Term: 12 months; 2018-2019
Grant Amount: $26,904

This project will establish and strengthen state partnerships for effective promotion and delivery of Thrive-Montana, an evidence-based, internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy program designed to assist adult Montanans experiencing anxiety, depression and/or suicidal thinking. To achieve this goal, MSU has built-in funding for effective marketing messages to reach vulnerable populations throughout the entire state. Funding will support staff FTE to outreach rural areas and assist with messaging and communication. Key outcomes for this project are to strengthen partnerships with MSU Extension system, One Montana, Montana National Alliance for Mental Illness, and Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services to identify state health care systems, community critical care hospitals, health departments, and other identified state and community organizations for implementing effective promotion and delivery of Thrive-Montana.

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