A Housing and Health Care Plan for Cascade County

Grant Term: 12 months; Ended 2019
Grant Amount: $60,000

Neighborworks Great Falls, in partnership with Benefits Health Systems and with the guidance of the Corporation for Supportive Housing, developed a supportive housing plan for their community. Supportive housing will be designed to serve a population that is homeless and using high-cost emergency and hospital services frequently, often complicated by untreated mental illness and substance use disorders. The project helped the partners gather and analyze data on the overlap of the frequent users of the criminal justice and health care systems. The data clearly showed the cost of regular users to both the health care and criminal justice system, which in turn, drew in buy-in from additional law enforcement and health care partnersThe project also created an inventory of housing in Great Falls and mapped the health care resources available to each population in the county. Finally, the data analysis and inventory mapping allowed the project partners to reach out to other housing partners and begin to collaborate on a plan to establish permanent supportive housing in Great Falls. 

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